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dating over 40 in San DiegoIntroductions LLC is a locally owned and operated private matchmaking service designed for active adults. We are a personalized service, not an online dating site. Most of our members range in age from their 40′s to 80′s. At Introductions we believe you are never too old to find someone to love.

The Introductions Process

Southern California Matchmaking ServiceWe sit down with each accepted member and have an honest and thorough discussion about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in another person. Our personal approach to matchmaking was developed by our team who possess a combined 20 years of experience in the matchmaking industry. This is more than just filling out an online form and searching through a list of ‘eligible candidates.’ Our specialists sit down with you and learn about you, your hopes and dreams, the traits you seek in a partner, and the things in life that are most important to you.

You Should Be Having the Time of Your Life

Palm Springs Senior Matchmaking ServiceMany of the active adults we cater to realize that these can be the best years of their lives. You have freedoms today that you didn’t 20 years ago. Put yourself first for once, and take advantage of this time to travel, play, and if you’re single, meet someone special to love and enjoy these wonderful years with. Introductions is dedicated to finding you the right special person.

A Message from Our Founder

People often ask me why I became a matchmaker. The answer is always the same: I truly find loneliness to be hard and unnecessary. I am a romantic at heart, but I believe there is a practical and psychological approach to selecting the partner that will bring out the best in each one of us. It’s not a mystery to me anymore.

There are some fundamental things that drive people to be who they are. I have learned to quickly get a read on what drives people, and when I do, I know who will be their ideal match. Chemistry is the wildcard – it’s either there or it’s not!

I know my clients would end up in a relationship with or without me. Whom they end up with is drastically different when they find their partners on their own, versus with my involvement.

People tend to stick to what they know, and the majority of the time what they know doesn’t work. Not well enough, anyway. For my widowed clients who had lovely marriages, it’s time to take a look at who you are today.

I am here for people who believe in love, and believe it’s worth pursuing in their lives, regardless of how old you are, no matter what your track record has been.

I wish all of you the love of your lifetime! Maybe even another one…

Why do we work with older individuals?

We specialize in matchmaking services in San Diego, Orange County, and the Palm Springs area.

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